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Introducing Richard Forbat, another star of City Gym's elite Personal Training Crew, as well as being rated as one of Australia's foremost Fitness Leaders. Richard is here with one of his most driven clients, member Philip.

As if being in the Forces Command of the Australian Army isn't demanding enough for Philip, he is also a member of the hard hitting Sydney Convicts Rugby Union Team.

Philip takes it all in his stride, pushing himself to the limit and then some. Great mentoring Richard and likewise in your dedication Phil!

Munro Donen, Property Investment Entrepreneur

"Dear Richard, I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with the rehabilitation training over this last 18 months .

Before I met you I was reticent to use a personal trainer as my previous experience with personal trainer's was that they did not tailor my training program taking into account previous injuries.

Your knowledge, expertise , commitment and personal interest in my case has left me pain free and has resulted in me being able to train to my maximum capacity without causing further strain and injury.

My physique has changed dramatically over the last year and I'm very happy with the muscle gains I have accomplished. Thanks again Richard, you are an outstanding trainer!"

Jason Kerr, Radio Producer

"Best trainer I ever had!"

"I've been training with Richard on and off for 2 years Richard always combines his extensive knowledge of training with innovative exercises to create the results I am after. I must say Richard 's programs are very effective in keeping me motivated & focused in getting me back in top shape within a very short time.

He keeps mixing workouts and every workout is carefully crafted to target specific area's of your body, which keeps me motivated to push myself that little bit further, and after each session I feel the difference.

I am always impressed with the way he challenges me with tough workouts- I never felt that training with him was wasted!

There are many trainers in Sydney, but one would be hard pressed to find one that is as qualified, creative and effective as Richard F."


Stephen Layfield, Layfield design

"I am very fortunate to have Richard as my trainer. He continually pushes me to go above and beyond what I believe I am capable of. I am now fitter than I've ever been, while reducing body fat I have gained at least 8 kilos of lean muscle, and feel great!

Richard is highly knowledgeable and a great communicator.

His drive and focus on getting the best results for his clients is amazing."

Glenn Harvey
Nurse Manager, St Vincent's Hospital

"After losing 60kg in my early twenties I developed an interest in a 20 year passion of long distance running. Whilst this left my cardiovascular system fit and my body lean, I craved to develop definition and strength in a body that had never had that experience.

I met Richard in May 2009 and since then he has totally lifted my fitness to a higher level.

He has demonstrated his knowledge of both the human body as well as how to get the most out of it. As I continue to work with Richard, I can tell that my overall core-strength is increasing, my range of flexibility is becoming broader, and my body is markedly more toned, sculpted and defined. Richard has changed my thinking about working out and my own self perception. My body is reaping the benefits! I've gained 14 kilos of lean muscle in 12 months and I't feels great!

Richard professionally applies his years of experience internationally in the fitness industry with a sound academic grounding in physiology, fitness psychology and nutrition in developing the tailored approach to my goals. Richard brings to my workouts his intricate knowledge of nutrition and how to stylize intake to feed my body in maximizing it's metabolic needs - something before meeting Richard I never really understood.

Richard's clear and concise education and demonstration at each set reinforces the security, safety, and trust I have felt in his expertise and commitment since we met at my first assessment session.

Working with Richard you totally get the feeling that this is career, not just a fill in job. He is totally focused on me and my goals for the session and tailors my workout's to my needs - not what is popular at the time. He lifts me to new heights at every session and doesn't need the showmanship of boot camp style psychobabble to achieve the best out of me. Whilst my program and lifestyle goals are serious to me, Richard also brings his own personality into our sessions making the experience enjoyable and fun. You definitely feel that Richard isn't just your Personal Trainer - he is your friend.

Richard will continue to influence and shape my development into the future and I encourage anyone wanting to change the direction of their health and/or current program to definitely give Richard a call."


PTE B.P Richardson

"Richard Forbat was my personal trainer at Fitness First between 2003-2004 at which time I was attempting to gain entry in to the Australian Defence force in particular the Special Forces.

During that time Richard made a fitness program that allowed me to obtain strength, cardio fitness, agility, while trying to lose weight all in one.

This training greatly contributed to my success of being employed as a rifleman within the Australian Army.

During my physical training within the defence force I can easily say that the training that Richard provided is very similar if not the same to what the physical training instructors provide to it's defence personal. Richard's knowledge not only in training but also in nutrition greatly helped me with losing the required weight I needed to enter the defence force losing a total of 14kilos.

Richard is a very capable trainer with a wealth of knowledge and would be a very valuable asset to any training institute."

Jessica Troche National Account Manager Evian

"The best part about training with Richard is he uses all of his knowledge and experience to tailor my sessions to work on specific areas of my body.

Feels great when I see the results! Thank you Richard! Jessica."


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