Benefits of personal training

Q. What can I expect to achieve with my trainer?
A. Expect the sessions to always be challenging, fun and excellent in every way!

Fitness is so much more than lifting weights or participating in a cardio class. It’s an attitude that transforms the way you think, feel and look. You will be amazed at how different you feel, and look after applying my fitness principles to your daily routine. Learn to love life, love your body, & love yourself!

I will teach you visualisation strategies to help you to overcome barriers and achieve peak performance

I will modify and manipulate your training program to make sure you continue to achieve maximum results.

You will learn to perform exercises during your workout with the safest techniques & most effective biomechanical form to maximize results.

We will reset your metabolism to it’s optimum level

Learn how to train smarter, not harder!

If you have never been co-ordinated or felt comfortable with sport, I can teach you how to improve your neuro-muscular coordination by stimulating new neural pathways through a battery of specific exercises that will dramatically improve your balance, coordination, and ultimately your confidence.

Think about how important a healthy body is to every aspect of your life?

Training with a personal trainer is a physical, psychological and emotional experience. You may come to realize that an investment in a good personal trainer is more important than your choice of car mechanic or hairdresser. Your level of commitment determines your fitness & appearance. Every training program is customized to address your unique fitness profile, enabling you to increase your fitness level as defined in partnership with your trainer. (Fact: Greater fitness results in living a better and longer life) My enthusiasm and commitment for working with you will inspire & motivate you to achieve your very best!

If I can do it, so can you!

Q. Perhaps your goal is to be lean all year round?
A. Remaining super lean year-round is challenging, especially if you’re on an exercise program that leans you down in as little as 8-12 weeks such as a body builders diet!

This process can get you looking phenomenal for a day or two, but our bodies can’t function at that level for any sustained period of time. However, you can achieve these results and stay lean all year round with a lifestyle change that incorporates regular exercise & healthy balanced nutrition. A program like that is geared to primarily burn fat instead of building muscle.

If you’ve never had success losing fat, toning your body, gaining muscle, or rehabilitating a sports injury, my individually designed comprehensive training program together with sports nutritional guidance will surely get you the results you are looking for. All my clients enjoy an ever-evolving workout that varies as their body & needs change.

Working out & keeping yourself active will help you to look great, feel great, & most importantly stay healthy. Fitness training is more than just lifting weights or going to a cardio class, it’s a lifestyle choice that includes a change in attitude towards life, and your health.

Q. Can my trainer help me to gain more muscle mass?
A. I can definitely help you make the gains you are looking to achieve.

Even if you have been training for years, and feel you have reached a plateau I can show you advanced training techniques that will stimulate new growth of muscle fibres naturally, and get the results you are looking for. This combined with my sports nutritional guidance will get you maximum results in the shortest time possible. See and feel the change in your body in just weeks!


Q. What can you expect from me in the evaluation process as your Personal Trainer/Coach?
A. As my client you are a unique individual and as your Personal Trainer/Coach & friend I am fully committed and take great pride in helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

I realize that all aspects of your life are contributing to your health and wellbeing including work, family, your relationships, stress levels, diet, and existing medical conditions. On completion of our initial consultation and fitness assessment I will evaluate the extensive information gathered from the pre-exercise questionnaire including BMI and postural analysis if required. You will receive a comprehensive customised program including your training program and nutritional guidance specifically tailored to meet your goals and current lifestyle. Together we will set realistic goals and time targets to achieve your goal in time for that wedding, special event or beach holiday. Time is of the essence for many of my client’s busy schedules so all this is factored in to the design of your individually tailored training program.

A positive, motivational relationship with your trainer can help forge the kind of training partnership that yields results you’ll see and feel.

You’ll not only feel more powerful, you’ll be empowered to do more, and be more!

Take your fitness to the next level & get the body you’ve always dreamed of!

To learn more on how my experience, know-how and skills can help you to meet any fitness challenge, request an appointment, and start training today.


Favourite quotes:

"Do it for you, do it for health, & do it for life, take action now!" Richard Forbat
"The #1 reason that keeps people from achieving personal greatness is a lack of love and faith in themselves." Richard Forbat
Don’t expect anything less, but success!

My specialties

  • Body sculpting, muscle building, Fitness Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Fitness & Strength Specialist
  • Fat loss - Peak Performance Training - Increase your resting metabolic rate fast!
  • Learn my secrets to acquire washboard abs!
  • High Intensity Training ­ For the advanced athlete, get ready to be taken to the next level in strength and power. Builds muscle fast!
  • Sports Specific Training ­ preparation for sport - functional training
  • Outdoor group fitness boot camps
  • Cardio boxing workouts
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation and identification of facilitated muscles or winged scapula.
  • Corrective exercise - Posture corrective training.
  • Moderate risk condition fitness management assistance - Qualified Fitness Therapist
  • Injury Rehabilitation ­ Help to restore your former capacity and function Flexibility- Improve your energy, performance and daily function Sports Nutrition guidance



  • Increased lean muscle mass, strength and power
  • Change of body composition, fat loss
  • Improved core strength, posture & spinal stability
  • Lowered resting metabolic rate
  • Better health and improved concentration
  • Better sleep, less stress
  • Lower blood pressure and improved circulation
  • Greatly reduced risk of complications of medical conditions
  • Improved cognitive skills, neuro-muscular co-ordination
  • Greatly improved sport performance
  • Increased efficiency of body processes, hormones, increased immune function
  • Improved bone density, reduced risk of injury
  • Restore to former functional capacity prior to injury
  • Neurological conditioning
  • Improved self-esteem, self image, more confidence!
  • Your friends will certainly notice the difference in you
  • Looking great, feeling great, feeling happy!



Stretching - The latest clinical evidence from university studies demonstrates that static stretching cold muscle fibres prior to and during exercise provides little benefit if any. The findings show that this may increase risk of injury, and that static stretching during heavy training reduces the muscle fibres elasticity, affecting the muscles ability to respond against large forces applied to it during strength training sessions. Dynamic “range of motion” ROM stretching is recommended over static stretching and is great to nourish the joints. Static stretching is defined as “ a stretch applied against a force that encourages a stretch further in length than the natural and comfortable range of motion”. In certain conditions such as training for older populations, sports specific related training, & fitness participants with a moderate risk condition this rule does not necessarily apply.

Burn maximum fat - with interval training! Interval training is the best way to work all three of your energy systems and remove fat from your body both during and afterwards. Another important factor here is to have the right balance of cardio and strength training to maintain weight loss moving in the right direction. Too much cardio and not enough strength training can in fact encourage fat gain so it’s important to get the balance that’s right for you.


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